[trARPES] METIS: visit of SPECS and SurfaceConcepts, 20.+21.11.

Ralph Ernstorfer ernstorfer at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Tue Nov 13 15:04:07 CET 2018

Dear all,

SPECS (Marko Wietstruk & Oleksy) and Surface Concepts (Michael
Kallmayer) will come next week Tuesday & Wednesday. We will start
Tuesday, 20.11., 8 am.

The work plan looks roughly like this:

  * venting of the chamber (in retracted position), removal of the
    springs supporting the METIS translation.
  * rotation of the METIS extractor and installation of the unshielded
    HV cable. The HV feedthrough will be installed in another port.
    responsible person: Marko
  * opening of the METIS on the detector side, remove the TOF chamber,
    unmount the TOF tube, reinstall TOF chamber, perform magnetic field
    measurements inside the TOF chamber. responsible person: Michael (he
    will arrive Tuesday around lunch time).
  * the suspicious component is a µ-metal inlay bridging the flange
    connecting the TOF chamber with the so-called spin-replacement
    chamber. I think it would be good to visually inspect the mechanical
    connection of the inlay with a camera brought inside the TOF chamber.
  * in case magnetic fields enter at the inlay, we will try mechanical
    deformation to improve the magnetic closure. Otherwise a measurement
    of the inner geometry needs to be done and a new µ-metal inlay needs
    to be fabricated.
  * goal: magnetic fields inside the TOF tube <= 0.1 µT
  * another aspect to clarify is the origin of the fairly strong
    magnetic fields outside the chamber and the apparent magnetization
    of the METIS tubes. Measurement of the magnetic fields in the
    vicinity of the detached TOF chamber and the fields at the position
    of the TOF chamber (while it is detached).
  * FHI-internal: remove dropped sample from the analysis chamber.


  * magnetic field sensor (SPECS)
  * special wrenches for the hardly accessible 200 flange (SPECS)
  * spools and power supply (SPECS)
  * camera (FHI)
  * non-magnetic screws for replacing the V2A screws (SPECS)

To be clarified before the visit:

  * tool and procedure for demagnetization (?), SPECS
  * accommodation for Michael


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