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Ralph Ernstorfer ernstorfer at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Mon Jun 8 09:33:54 CEST 2020

Dear all,

let's meet on zoom tomorrow 9:30 am, then.


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On 07.06.2020 18:52, Laurenz Rettig wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm taking a day off tomorrow, so I won't be there for our trARPES
> meeting. Therefore I want to bring you up to date for my plans for the
> coming week.
> On Wednesday morning, we arranged with Gerd Schönhense to visit, as he
> is in Berlin anyways, and he wants to show us some more tricks regarding
> lenstables and how to use the deflectors and stigmators/octupoles for
> improving resolution and distortion. For this it would be good to have a
> WSe2 sample and the Chessy sample in the chamber. I would come on
> Wednesday for this, and I think it would also be good to have another
> person in the lab for laser support, maybe either Shuo, Sam or Tom?
> Other people I suggest we add then via Zoom once everything is started
> up. Exact timing we still have to coordinate.
> Right now, the UHV suitcase is still connected, which makes normal
> transfers quite a hazzle. I suggest to remove it early next week, if you
> can decide how to go forward with the CGT sample, Tom (either keep it in
> the chamber for further expt., or park it in the suitcase for transfer
> back to Halle).
> There is a WSe2 sample on the Manipulator in front of the Metis right
> now, but I don't know if it still lives. It's more than a week old now.
> There are two more uncleaved ones in the load lock.
> So far from my side, we can also have a planning meeting Tuesday morning.
> Best, Laurenz
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